You ever notice how powerful the concept of TIME is. We went from matriarchal (mother nature) to patriarchal (father time) and now IT controls all aspects of our lives.

Folks use to turn to mother nature to heal and reveal info.. Now "time" heals (all wounds) and in "time" all will be revealed.

We fret when we run out of "time". We are judged by how we spend our "time". We worry when we lose "time". We get angry when "time" is wasted. We also want more "time" to do things. People build machines in order to travel backwards or forwards in "time". Others attempt to control "time" by either adding or subtracting days to calendars or hours on a clock (daylight savings "time")
But soon we will be in a place where there is no concept of "time" as we know IT. Time will be reversed and "EMIT" a new function called immortality.

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