About Us


Greetings!  I am Trishah Ta-Neteri Al-Bey, the owner and operator of the 13Words13Books company.  I am a Moorish American National that strives to bring the hidden history of the Moors back into the light.  I sell items that represents the Moors in their glorious antiquity.  Images are very important and can express a notion that can break down many negative stereotypes and untruths.  I am not revising anything, I am setting the record straight!  Telling a story through imagery that has never been seen before because it was hidden.  Many have no idea how deep the history of the Moors go and that is my purpose in creating 13Words13Books.

I am located in Cold Spring, New York area and can be contacted at: dazysoft@hotmail.com or 1trishah3@gmail.com

This is a new, small home-based operation my contact number is: 845-265-9518 Monday through Friday between 8am and 2pm eastern standard time.